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How does it look like?

The SeisJet Seismic Data Server solution includes the following components:

  • Data Server daemon.
  • Input/Output modules (SJ Input and SJ Output) integrated into the processing system.

The Data Server is a standalone program (daemon) that works solely with the seismic datasets of the processing system. It is capable of quick seismic data reading and sorting, and transfers the data to a number of copies of a processing flow in a high performance manner.

The data from the  Data Server is introduced to the processing system batch through the input module (SJ Input) that comes along with the Data Server. The module initializes a new job in the Data Server and feeds the processing flow with the data. To provide a parallelization of the processing flow, the SJ Input module can start a specified number of copies of the same processing batch (“secondary” flows) on the different nodes of the computational cluster (or on the same node for a SMP machine). Each copy of the SJ Input module in the secondary flows will also subscribe to the Data Server and will feed each copy of the flow with the data. The output of the flows are transferred back to the Data Server by the SJ Output module. The Data Server cares of parallel processing of the requests and consistent data distribution between the flows, as well as  collects the result of the processing to an  output dataset.


*ProMAX - is a registered trademark of Landmark Graphycs Corporation.
** The declared speed-up estimation is based on our own tests as well as some tests of our clients, executing conventional processing flows on cluster computers. Actual speed-up may vary, depending on the hardware configuration and software settings.